She’s suuuuch a snuggle. So I’ve addressed the fact that I let her sleep with me, which is both beneficial and detrimental for sleep: no having to get out of bed to nurse her, or having to stay awake until she’s asleep to sneak her back into the bassinet (actually I usually do this at the beginning of the night but in the middle of the night she doesn’t go back), however I have to give up valuable real estate, sleep on my side until I’m sure she’s asleep enough to adjust her so I can lie on my back, and wake up periodically just to check that she’s OK and not smothered or something (she never is but I have to check anyway – this actually shouldn’t count because I check on her in the bassinet as well).

The biggest and cutest problem, though, is the constant and imminent threat of snuggle attack. It’s not enough that she’s sleeping in bed with me, or can nurse when she wants, no she also requires full body contact (her body). She turns on her side and smooshes herself against my side if I’m on my back, and sometimes I worry she won’t be able to breathe because her nose is also smooshed. Thus I feel obligated to stay awake until she’s sound asleep and roll her back on her back and move her away from me some.

But that never lasts long. In fact, usually before I can fall back asleep she’s wiggled her way up against me again, though often she’ll remain on her back mostly, so I’m not as afraid for her.

In the morning, after she’s woken me up to feed, I wait until she falls back asleep so I can slip out of bed and have a wee bit of time sans baby-in-arms to get a few things done.

This very very rarely works.

Here’s what actually happens: I wait forever for her to drift off then I oh so slowly and carefully pull away from her, inching backwards at a snail’s pace. I will have just managed to get out from under her arm that is always thrown onto me, and I think I’m in the clear….then she makes a little baby whimper, or morning stretch noise, and casually wriggles up to me again. She doesn’t fully wake up, but she does manage to get reinserted against me, with an arm thrown onto me again. Some mornings we are equally stubborn and this dance will carry us fully across the bed, before I reluctantly admit defeat and pick her up.

She may not be able to crawl, or roll over, or even fully hold her head up yet, but boy can this baby cover ground when snuggling is involved. Thankfully I don’t yet need to worry about her falling off the bed as that would be away from me. I do worry about myself failing out of bed, however, in my efforts to find room after being attacked by the snuggle monster.