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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Aria decided she wanted to yell. Specifically, at the TV. I had it on Baby’s First, a network that only shows mini-shows (they’re like 5 min long) of different baby-oriented stuff, like colors and numbers and games and whatnot. I figure if the TV is on for noise, might as well be something stimulating.

Well, either she didn’t like this particular program, or she doesn’t like blue, or something.


The day was Friday. The hour late, according to business time – 4:00 to be approximate. For some reason I was just really tired. Maybe because of the weather changes, maybe because Aria wakes me every 3-4 hours during the night, maybe because of all of the conference calls I had to listen in on for work, maybe because of the stress around the sale of the company I work for, maybe because I was sitting at home on a big plush couch trying to work and cradle a baby across my arms at the same time.. who knows. But I was beat. Nearly passing out, even. Then Eric called, and he too was tired and needed me to keep him awake on his drive home.

When he did arrive home I decided to call it a day (a work day) and take the baby for a nap. We trundled upstairs, snuggled into bed, and she nursed for maybe a minute before she was out, and I followed shortly thereafter.

Probably two hours later I got up and thought I would just let the baby sleep until she woke up hungry. It allowed me to get some things done, now refreshed, and Eric and I had a very pleasant evening together.

I checked on her periodically, and after a few hours began to worry why she hadn’t awoken hungry yet… maybe she was really tired also…

Well, she finally woke up. When Eric and I were crawling into bed at 11. I thought, oh no big deal, she always falls asleep at bedtime, we’ll just nurse and have the white noise and get all snuggly and she’ll be out like a light….


She did nurse for a good hour, probably because she was starving, but then had no intentions of going back to sleep, despite all the snugglyness, white noise, darkness, swaddleage, etc.

Guess who got to stay up trying to wear the baby out? Both of us! We played on the floor, we sat up, we played airplane, we cooed at each other, we read together, we tried watching a cartoon, we nursed… As long as I wasn’t trying to sleep or make her sleep, she was mostly content.

Finally around 3 in the morning I was holding her and singing and walking around the house and she fell asleep. Eric kept a careful eye on her face to make sure she was truly out before we made any sudden movements. We crept up the stairs and managed to get her tucked neatly away in her bassinet, allowing me to sleep for a good solid hour before she woke up for a nightly feeding.

And then she let us sleep in the next morning. Eric was sweet enough to have donuts and coffee waiting when I awoke.

Lesson learned, don’t let the baby nap too long too close to bedtime.

Also, she gets really mad when I throw off her schedule. I screwed up her schedule Sunday night, too, because I tried to put her to bed at 9 so Eric and I could watch a movie, and when she woke up at 10, instead of going and helping her fall back asleep I brought her downstairs and let her play on my lap for an hour, which made her alternate between smiley and pouty face. She really didn’t know how she felt, but she was very ready for bed at 11.

Aria had a busy day yesterday.

She woke up really early to go to work with mommy. Because she was going into the office, she had to dress in business appropriate attire.


Including her fancy shoe-socks


While at work, she met lots of people. And then got to see what products mommy sells.


She even got to see one of the new products.


And then wouldn’t give it back.


One of mommy’s co-workers made her a little worried.


Then Aria and mommy went home.

At home Aria dissected a dragonfly.

Later she went with mommy to BSF.

Then everybody went to bed.

The end.

My baby’s got the sniffles but she’s taking it like a trooper. She hadn’t had a fever, just a seriously runny nose at times, and an occasional cough. But she’s still determined to smile and carry on conversations and sit upright.

She’s so funny and cute I just had to capture her faces, so my apologies on how gross this video is 🙂