Oh what a wonderful night of sleep. For me, at least.

I had to travel to San Francisco for a big meeting and for the first time since Aria was born (or even before that) I slept through the night. Granted, I was also exhausted from being up since 4 am East coast time, traveling for hours then starting a full day of work at 9 Pacific time (funny how you have enough time change to allow for that kind of torture) then of course a late dinner before being able to crash. So I was tired, and anywhere would have been blissful sleeping quarters at that point. Even so, I was the only one from our office that slept well. Everyone found it amusing that I was so well rested. Oh and I somehow managed to take nearly two hours to get ready in the morning when I usually only give myself twenty to thirty minutes, so I got a lot of compliments… like on my hair which was washed, dried, and brushed.

All this travel has been extremely hard on… well on part of me… I had to convince my travel companions that I really needed to stop at my hotel room before going to the office, so I could relieve … part of me. Let’s just say I looked like I had implants…. very painful implants. But I survived and they’ve been accommodating here. Tomorrow I get to figure out how to survive a long trip home with the same issues, but at least I’ll be home with Aria on Friday who can nurse alllllll day if she wants.

So Aria. It’s funny because I’m doing way better than I thought I would. I get asked if I’m worried about how Eric is taking care of her and honestly I’m not. Not because I don’t care, but I just totally trust Eric, and I know he loves her and is taking the absolute best care of her. Plus this is excellent bonding time for them, and a chance for him to get to know her little quirks a bit better. He is even coming to see things my way, like letting her just sleep in our bed (because he doesn’t want to risk waking her). I think he was afraid he’d roll over on her, but instead he has been waking up at every little noise to check on her like I do. It’s funny how you can develop mothery tendencies overnight if required. I guess she slept pretty well for him, though when she woke up to eat at 3am she wanted more than he’d prepared and by the time he had more she was pretty worked up so even once she was sated she was awake….so just lie there watching him instead of going back to sleep. I guess she did eventually though.

I do miss her though. Both of them. Someone asked if I, once I’m back in my room, look at pictures of her. I do. And they’re mostly of Eric holding or playing with her. It makes me question what I’m doing…working and traveling..

I love them so much. I think I could easily trade the peaceful nights of sleep in a lonely hotel for broken sleep with my wonderful little family.