I’ve discovered the definition of being a mom – in charge of feeding everyone.

It happened the other night, I was making dinner with Aria in her highchair watching, but gradually her happy meter was falling into fussitown. Eric was busy working on something in some other room and the cat was swirling recklessly around my ankles, threatening to cause some sort of dangerous calamity for one or both of us, desperately trying to get my attention. He was out of kitty kibble and there was no more to be found in the house.

I finished making dinner, took the baby and let her nurse as I yelled to Eric that dinner was ready, and once she finished I wolfed down some now-cold-but-reheated supper, handed the baby to Eric, then ran out into the night to the grocery store to buy some cat food. Once home, as I was filling the cat’s dish, Eric came into the cat’s room with Aria in hand and they looked at me curiously. That’s when I told him I had discovered my role in life. To make sure everyone was fed.

I guess Mom also means a bunch of other stuff, like soother/comforter, hugger and kisser, playmate, maid, etc. But food is one of those things that once it becomes needed it’s already a dire situation that needs urgent attention. Then once food has been found and consumed it’s all blissfully forgotten for a little while. Unless you need a good burping.. then it’s still kinda dire for a little while.. until it comes out the other end.