TMI Warning: This post contains references to mommy boobs (there are no boob images, however)

I think it happened by accident the first time. Aria’s little hands were flailing around, then coming to rest in front of her as she nursed. She explores some, often finding my hair or shirt, or she grabs one of my fingers or the blanket to flail around, or she latches onto her own shirt or other hand. Well one day she found the nipple shield (I did warn you about TMI). In the event that you are not familiar with one of these, it’s a little plastic thing you put on… you. It’s initially meant to help new moms plasticwith nursing trouble with their newborns, but some of us are too lazy to ever stop using them, either because it hurts like the dickens when you do try to go without, or because the baby becomes really used to it and it’s hard to teach her to go without.. or, if like me, both reasons apply. 

So four-five months into babyhood we’re still using this thing and she discovered it with her little fingers, grabbed ahold of it and pulled it right off. She looked at it for a minute, then proceeded to try to suck through it… which didn’t work. But she didn’t want to give it back to me. I was afraid of tearing it so had to gingerly pry her little fingers off to reapply it to myself.

A few weeks later it happened again and she realized that it was something that she could turn into a game. Those little fingers started gradually making their way up to her mouth… and then snag! She would pull it off and mommy would fight her to get it back. I think it highly amused her. Even when she realized she couldn’t get anything out of it she still was enjoying the game of trying to get it away from me.

She was very vocal about her thoughts on the subject: