I keep being exposed to sad baby stories. From reading about false pregnancies where women believe they have a baby only to be told that their body has been tricked and there is no baby, to the story of a friend’s sister who carried a baby for 38 weeks then was told that her baby was strangled by the umbilical cord since the last doctor’s visit and had to go through the entire birthing process only to hold a dead baby at the end and not get to take her home. These things depress me.. I can’t even imagine having to endure something like this, and to not have my little Aria.

It all makes me so incredibly grateful, not just that I have and get to keep my most beautiful, wonderful, adorable, little baby girl, but that I was fortunate to have an easy pregnancy that I didn’t appreciate while I was experiencing it. Even the delivery process – my baby was in jeopardy because everything they tried caused her heart rate to plummet which made the whole thing a challenge, but the option for c-section was available so really even if things got really bad I would still almost certainly not have lost my baby.

It’s good to be sad once in awhile, if it reminds you what you are or should be grateful for. Helps you count your blessings and appreciate them all the more. I can’t believe how much I love Aria. It’s unfathomable where all this love came from, how I already, after only 5 months, can’t imagine life without her.