Wow how quickly they grow! I wouldn’t have realized how much has changed but that I just went and read some older posts.

Sitting: She can sit completely unsupported once put into a sitting position. She’s actually been mastering this since five months, but is now able to reach way forward and sit back up straight without toppling… side or behind reaching not so much, those usually end up in baby-on-her-face. Now that sitting isn’t as challenging she’s determined to stand. When you try to pull her up to sit she stiffens her legs so you end up pulling her onto her feet. Then she looks all proud of herself.

Rolling: She can roll from belly to back easily, and will roll from back to belly on occasion. What we see most often, however, is her rolling onto her side. Either to reach for something or to sleep, she really likes her side. Totally a side sleeper – when we were in the hospital she would roll onto her side… she stopped sometime in the first few weeks but has rediscovered it.

Sleeping: She’s a lazy bum! I put her to bed at 8-8:30 with a change of clothes and diaper, two or three books, sometimes some nursing, and a song or two. She goes to sleep pretty easily and sleeps through the night until 6 or 7 am, then once I feed her she goes back to sleep until around 10!! I’m not complaining, I’m incredibly happy she doesn’t make me get up at the crack of dawn, but she’s certainly not a morning person (yet). And she will usually take two good naps too.

Eating: We had to start her on food before six months because she was starting to want feedings nearly every hour. Poor baby was starving. She LOVES green beans, really likes sweet potatoes and cereal, and verdict still out on avocado and banana.

Socialness: She’s still a very social baby, smiling at anyone and everyone. In fact, on our way home from Christmas in Texas she huge-grin smiled at all of the TSA folks in security… that was probably a first for them.. I love her smiles, they are ridiculously huge. She babbles a lot and can roll her R’s, still squeals but now also blows raspberries with just her lips when she’s feeling playful, and says a few consonants here and there. Like “gee.” She also either gives slobbery open mouth kisses or just sucks on my chin or cheek. I prefer to think they’re kisses.

Fine motor skills: Great at grasping, picking up even objects a little large for one hand, and can pass objects from one hand to the other. Interestingly, everything goes into the mouth except the one thing I actually want her to put in her mouth – I gave her those baby Puffs cereal things and she’s figured out how to pick them up but won’t put them in her mouth… She’ll let me put them in, will even hold her mouth open for them, and she also grabs the spoon from me with all other food..but won’t put the stupid puffs in herself.

Learning: We’re getting better at story time. More and more time is spent looking at the pages while I read and less time is spent trying to eat the book. We do have to stop every couple of pages, however, just for a little taste. Also, I’m fairly certain she understands how to trigger music with her toys – whether it’s spinning a wheel or pushing a button, she seems to be doing it intentionally, at least most of the time.

She’s incredibly distractable now. It’s both wonderful and frustrating. When we have to change her diaper or change clothes I can give her a toy which will often make her stop peddling her legs and sit still. But if she’s nursing and anything makes a noise she has to keep trying to see what it is, and makes nursing an ordeal. Or if in her high chair she will keep trying to see where the kitty went and will spin in her seat, leaning over the edge trying to track him, completely forgetting that she has food in her mouth as it dribbles down her chin onto the floor.

She is utterly in awe of clapping but hasn’t tried to figure it out for herself.

Blowing on her belly or feet or face makes her giggle (and grab handfuls of hair which has to be pried out of tiny fingers).

She knows what that last little piggy is going to do on its way home and her eyes get big and she has a nervous giggle in suspense. Same thing if you say “I’m gonna getcha!”

She gets huge grins when you sing songs she knows, with favorites including ABC’s and Kookaburra.

She got a little wooden piano for Christmas and when you put it in front of her she bangs the keys then looks up with a ginormous smile (sensing a theme yet?)

She gets the Peekaboo game but isn’t all that amused with it. She can pull it off her face but only smiles the first time or so then gets bored with it (and probably irritated that I keep covering her face back up.) However, if played by ducking under or behind something, she is incredibly entertained and will sit up or lean over trying to see where you went, then giggle when you reappear.

Sometimes I’ll stand by her crib and just look at her because she’s so freakin cute, and sometimes she’ll wake up some, see me, startle a little and look at me, then go back to sleep. I guess mommy standing over you while you sleep isn’t creepy…

She hates bedtime…well actually, she hates the getting dressed for bed, loves the storytime and, if we have it, nursing, and the singing will either soothe her to drowsiness on my shoulder or make her whimper in anticipation of what’s to come. I have to confess…. I love her cry. I mean, I hate it when she cries, it breaks my heart, but when she does she makes the most heart-wrenchingly adorable faces, including the protruding lip, and she sounds like MY baby.. I dunno.. Her cry doesn’t irritate or annoy me, instead it makes me want to hold and cuddle and console her.

Gosh I just love her so much. Is it wrong I want to squeeze her and never let her go?