I’ve been showing Aria how to turn the lights on and off. She was surprised the first few times, looking up in amazement when they went on or off. Then she started reaching for the switch and brushing her hand against it, and I would help her get it up or down.

Well yesterday I was carrying her and a bunch of other stuff so couldn’t get it myself. As we walked into her room I said, “Aria, turn on the light for mommy.” We were standing near the switch so she reached out and swatted at it and managed to turn it on. I told her how smart she was and set down some of the things I had brought up. But I had to grab other stuff so hands/arms still really full, especially when squirmy baby is considered. On our way out I stood near the switch again and she reached over and grabbed it, so I just lowered her a little and down the switch went. Again some accolades on what a smart baby she is and we went on our merry way.

Other light switches:

She recognizes her name. I’m sure of it now, as I wasn’t at first, but she definitely responds to it.

She knows when her bottle is empty that really more is in there – the lip where the bottle ring and nipple meet tends to gather milk/formula so when it’s low we shake it a little so it will go down into the nipple. She’s seen us do this so when she runs out she examines the bottle, turning it in her hands to see if there is any more in there. Then she sucks a little more to see if she found it.