A couple nights ago I was exhausted when I fell asleep somewhere after 10. So when Aria started crying in the middle of the night (I vaguely recall the time being near midnight) I couldn’t have been held accountable for my actions.

I know that I woke up at 2am with her snuggled up next to me in bed. I had apparently gone and just picked her up, brought her to bed, let her nurse and passed out. I literally have not done this since the early days of her sleeping in the bassinet in our room. (Excluding when she wakes after 6am, in which case I determine she’s technically ‘slept through the night.’) So why it was instinctual to get her in my sleep, I’m not sure.

I did fully wake up in a panic when I saw her there, though. I dress her warmly to sleep in her crib, so to have her snuggled next to me, under the covers, and dressed like that made me nervous she’d overheat. I picked up my completely limp baby and took her back to her crib. She never woke up.

The next night she started crying at midnight… left alone, that only lasted about two minutes, and the next she didn’t wake up at all. Phew, avoided creating a new habit!