The milestone markers are speeding up! I have a notepad on my phone to quickly capture when something happens so I don’t forget, and Feb has been a busy month! On 2/3 one tooth broke through, then about a week later on 2/11 another made an appearance. She’s starting to be able to pick up her little puffs and get them into her mouth..I’d say 2/15 was the first time she was accidentally successful at getting it from her hand to her mouth. On 2/14 she decided to make her escape from her play blanket…backwards.
I’m pretty confident that by the end of this month she’ll be fully crawling and picking stuff up with those tiny fingers and getting at least half of it into her mouth. She’s come so far with that already in just the couple of weeks since I introduced them to her.
Sooooo I guess we have to consider baby proofing…

Back stories for each big event:
I was at work one afternoon when Eric called with a calm, ” I think Aria has a tooth.”
“Wait, what!?!”
“Yeah she’s chewing on me and I feel something jagged.”
Sure enough I felt it too when I got home. So excited but a little surprised at how little of it was there. I guess I never realized how much the tooth has to…grow?.. into place. Even now its not fully in place, just kinda poking out. So this was her bottom right tooth.

Aria was nomming on me one morning and it felt like the tooth was wider. I had a sneaking suspicion that it might be a second tooth, and sure enough, I got a peek when she was holding her mouth open waiting for a spoonful of whatever I was feeding her for lunch. So I called Eric to tell him the awesomeness. Now when she bites me (mouthing) it actually is starting to almost hurt a little..

Aria’s Aunt Bobbi gave her baby Puffs cereal things for Christmas and this month I started giving her some. At first she didn’t seem to like them all that much, squishing her face up and sometimes even spitting them back out. But now they are becoming the go-to when she’s crying as they make her go “waaaaaaaahhhhhhh…mmm.” She has so far only been able to get them into her palm, but from there can’t figure out how to get it into her pie hole. Last night she did though, which shocked me. I do think it was a happy accident, though.

So Valentine’s night we were all hanging out on the couch watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Aria was in the L of the couch surrounded by pillows and blankets and toys, and enjoying herself. Later she decided she was squirmy so Eric put her on the floor. She sat there for awhile playing and eventually fell over. She fussed a tiny bit, but otherwise didn’t make a big deal out of the fact she can’t sit back up on her own. A while later we realized we hadn’t heard anything from her, and at about the same time we both realized she was not on her play blanket anymore…. she was about five feet away, on her belly, but facing it. We practically said to each other at the same time, “do you see where Aria is?” As we were watching she pushed herself further away and disappeared behind the sofa, now in the doorway to the dining room. I jumped up to grab a camera and Eric called his mom. It was all very slow, but it’s definitely the beginning of mobility!

(Aria being hand fed “popcorn” (Puffs) by her daddy during the movie.)