Aria had a rough day yesterday. I was packing to go on my business trip and kept leaving her in a room unattended; I know shame on me. The first incident she was playing on the floor with her toys, super content and fine without me, but left alone for literally less than a minute managed to pull a blanket over her head and get stuck. I walked in to see little legs sticking out from under the blanket and her arms flailing around trying to get out from under it.

When I tried to leave her in her crib so I could go take a shower I was convinced she was tired and would go to sleep soon. She had other plans, and spent the time rolling around in her crib. This time when I walked into the room, the two little legs were sticking out of her crib between the slats. Poor baby had tried to backwards crawl and had gotten stuck. She wasn’t crying, but was definitely not thrilled with the predicament and was super happy to be picked up.

Unfortunately both times I rushed to rescue her instead of grabbing a camera, so no proof.

I will say, I was having a heck of a time figuring out what to do with her when I was trying to have both hands free. Since she’s old enough to want to have something to do, potentially able to crawl or roll off of surfaces, not completely trustworthy sitting upright without risk of falling over, and too big for the bouncer or swing, there’s not a whole lot of places I can leave her. I even tried setting her upright in her crib while I put her clothes away, but after a couple times of falling over and almost hitting her head on the back or side, or even her interest in pulling herself up on the front to see what I was doing, I decided it wasn’t the best play yard either (at least not yet). I guess we need a rug in her room… Right now it’s either the high chair or play mat or baby carrier.

I do love how she watches me and smiles back as I do chores, so I’m sure I’ll manage while she takes her time learning to sit up on her own. It’s funny, she can and has sat up for really long periods with no issue, can even lean way over in any direction and come back to upright, but when she gets excited is when she throws herself back and loses balance. So she does better when I’m not interacting with her. But I’d rather constantly sit her back up than not make her laugh or smile 🙂