While on my business trip I started feeling bad… and then worse… and then just plain awful. I tried to hold it together because there’s nothing worse than being stuck with co-workers who are sick and can’t do a darn thing about it because they’re on a business trip with you, and locked in the same room all day with you, and they can’t exactly just go and work from home, and they’re touching everything and breathing in your space. Ugh, gross, why did you come on this trip??? Yup, that was me. So I tried to act as un-sick as possible and wash my hands and not touch anything. I did have to share a car with someone for four hours (both ways) and tried to not do the fever pass-out in the car. I’m fairly confident I fooled everyone, except for maybe the car-pool lady who hopefully just thought I had some sniffles and not a woozy-head-causing fever.

So upon my return home I wanted nothing more than to go to bed. Unfortunately, Eric and Aria also were sick. Eric doesn’t have a cold, per say, but has some head thing going on causing debilitating headaches and upset tummy and whatnot. Aria has snot running down her face which she has discovered tastes interesting, so her little tongue is constantly out. She’s so gross.

Last night was probably the worst of it. When I got home at roughly 5:00 we all agreed upon a nap. Aria agreed because she fell asleep nursing. We just piled into the big bed and dozed off. However, it’s one of those head colds that wakes you up and you feel so stuffy and sore you can’t easily fall back asleep. I heard Aria was having trouble sleeping while I was away and kept crying in the middle of the night. I know I was waking up in my hotel room and having a heck of a time going back to sleep.

After about an hour Aria and I were awake, Eric was dead to the world (and stayed that way until the next morning). So we got up and went downstairs to “play”.. this involved Aria playing and screaming at things while I lie semi-conscious on the floor next to her.

When it was close to her regular bedtime we went and started getting her ready. She was ok with changing into a night outfit, with reading books, and with nursing. She was not so ok with me trying to wipe her nose – man can she make it impossible if she doesn’t want her nose touched! – nor with the actual putting to bed. I went downstairs and made myself some packaged soup because I was hungry even though I didn’t feel like eating, and I watched her in the monitor trying to lift herself up on her elbows high enough to peek over the edge of her crib. I have the edge facing the door blocked by a blanket on the outside of the crib so that when I come into the hallway to go to my room, or to check on her, she doesn’t just see me and start crying. Well she really wanted to see into the hallway… it was really cute to watch. I kept talking to the monitor and telling it how cute she is.

She finally went to sleep, and it took me much longer. I managed to get comfy enough propped up on pillows on the couch to finally doze off. After waking somewhere in the middle of the night I went to bed and have felt better today.

So today I thought I’d make us some chicken noodle soup for lunch. I made it pretty bland with only four ingredients (broth, carrots, noodles, chicken) and then took hers out and made mine a little more flavorful. I’ve also decided that I want to get good at this whole recipe thing, so started a page of recipes. My Baby Chicken Noodle Soup is posted here. The recipe says celery was involved… it wasn’t in this batch. I would have liked for it to have been in there, but alas I didn’t have any.

Now she’s taking a nap and I would love to do the same but I chose to work from home today instead of taking a sick day.