About once every week or so I figure out what next foods Aria will be having and cook them up, puree them and put them in the little freezer cubes. She’ll be 7 months this week and already has quite the experienced palate!

We’ve gone though a number of single fruits and veggie purees so I’m ready to start combining for new flavors and as much vitamins packed into each meal as possible. I’m getting a lot of ideas from weelicious.com, which is super cute and she makes her own food look super yummy in her videos (quite the sales lady!).

I figured out how to make applesauce on my own (however Denise informed me later that the reason it probably turned out so good was that my apples were really (overly) ripe.. I’ll keep that in consideration). But I’m adding my applesauce recipe to blog, because I can.

Otherwise, I literally went to Aldi’s and picked up a bunch of fresh produce and then started looking to see what I could make with it. I found recipes to use the mango and zucchini, and also a way to use up the other chicken breast that I thawed when making the chicken noodle soup but didn’t use. Also, I purposefully sought out bananas and pears because of this recipe I had already read about that looks so good.

Well today I made the Mango Apple & Carrot puree and Aria was screaming at me to hurry up before it was cooled off enough to feed it to her any faster. It was still warm from being steamed so I was blowing off each spoonful before giving it to her and she was bursting into tears of frustration before it would make it to her mouth. And then she would hold her hands straight up, like “ahhhhh” (reverent music). I think she really liked it. I really liked it.. it was yummy..

(I set the bowl down on the counter so I could film which is why all the movement)