Aria is sitting up by herself!!!! I mean, getting to the sitting up position all by herself. She was already managing to stay sitting up once put into place.. you get the idea. Anyway, how exciting!

Unfortunately I haven’t actually seen it yet. Rather, I saw the results the very first time while at Bible study. She was in the middle of the floor on her mat, rolling around, playing with (violently beating) her toys and squealing and interjecting her baby thoughts into our discussion. I watched her pushing her butt up into the air as she’s been doing lately, and then looked down at my notes. When I looked up again she was up on her rump and holding a toy… no big deal. I inhaled, “she’s sitting up!” The girl next to me asked, “is that the first time she’s sat up by herself?” and I said, “yes!” In concert they all exclaimed, “Take a picture!!” So I did. A few, actually.

 wpid-IMG_20140225_192255_101.jpg wpid-IMG_20140225_192241_452.jpg wpid-IMG_20140225_192258_831.jpg

The next day (yesterday) I told Denise to be on the lookout for it, that hopefully she would remember how to do it, and apparently she sat up over a dozen times. She has a very particular procedure that she follows each time which I guess takes a little time and effort. However, she was a cranky mess by the time I got home, as she hadn’t taken a good second nap. So I tried to get her to take a little nap, as she was clearly very unhappy and didn’t want to play, be set down, sit in her highchair, be held.. she didn’t want anything so I said, “naptime!” Then when she woke up 30 min later she was a little better, but still didn’t want to be set down so I never got to experience the sit-up 😦 Maybe tonight!

This leads me to my next story – dinner!

A favorite dish of my sister and myself that our mom used to make when we were kids started with Uncle Ben’s Broccoli Cheese Rice. Mom would would add chicken to it and call it a meal, and it was so yummy. Mmmmm. So yeah, I still love it. Guess what we had for dinner last night! And I decided to make a baby version for Aria so she could “eat what mommy’s eating” at the dinner table with us!

And since I was trying to be efficient, I used one saucepan for our meal, and one cooking utensil for hers – the steamer! I just chopped up a bunch of chicken into cubes, cut a bunch of broccoli into chunks, and then divvied both between hers and ours. I did make the chicken cubes smaller for hers because I was nervous about it getting cooked the whole way through, but a recipe I had read, where I got my inspiration, said to steam the chicken, which I had not considered before, so I decided it must be a good idea. I made her entire meal in the steamer, steaming the broccoli and chicken in the top and putting one of those boil-in-a-bag rice bags into the bottom (whole-grain brown rice for my healthy little eater!). Once cooked thoroughly and pureed and mostly cooled, my little Aria ate Broccoli Chicken “Casserole” with me at the dinner table, and seemed immensely happy. It actually tasted fairly similar, minus the cheese.

I do realize, when I’m feeding her, that she’s a much healthier eater than myself and Eric. Not that she has any choice, but her food is all whole grain or fresh produce with no added anything (except maybe some cinnamon or other spice)… no artificial anything, no added salt or sugar or preservatives.. I wish it was this easy to cook for us.  I even told Eric that I feel bad that I cook way more for her than I do for us, but the difference is her food is soooooooo easy.. and makes multiple meals at a time. It’s one or two (or in this instance three) ingredients, bland as all get out, just baked or steamed, and pureed so texture doesn’t matter a whole lot. I told him, “if you were willing to eat bland mushy food I could cook more often for you too” to which he replied that my food was bland. Psh. But really, she doesn’t know the difference and is getting to taste the fruits/veggies in their natural state, which really are flavorful, so there’s no need to add butter or oils or salt…  If only my taste buds weren’t corrupted by sugar! Mmmmm sugar… mmm cheese…

I wish I could find or think of more recipes like this and the chicken noodle soup, where I basically make all of our food at the same time with baby-fying options.