Granted it’s still the dead of winter here, with temperatures at the bottom of the thermometer or even in the negatives, with noses and fingers and ears threatening to fall off. Not to mention the dry cracking skin. But there’s something different in the air, and I’m looking forward to spring!

Mostly I’m looking forward to incorporating healthy changes into our lifestyle with the changing seasons. (And the everywhere)

I’ve already told Eric I want to try a vegetable garden again this year (last year didn’t happen because I was large with child at this point), and I’ve been making plans to join the Y and take Zumba as well as swim lessons with Aria. I’m also looking forward to taking Aria on jogs or walks in her stroller.

I guess all this planning is really possible with my new job. I’m still with the same company, just a new role that is less chaotic, less travel, and much more manageable. So thank you God for that.

Yay spring!!