It’s official, she’s truly, utterly and completely mobile. She half crawls, half creeps to an object that looks even remotely stable and pulls herself up, often discovering that said object really isn’t that sturdy… She first started pulling up to her feet when she realized those would get her higher than just pulling to her knees. That started one afternoon while I was working…it hadn’t ever happened without help before.

She wants to walk sooo bad. She’s holding onto furniture and moving around a bit, not quite walking along with it, but definitely curious. She also tries letting go to see how long she’ll stay upright before gravity wins again. She’s pulled herself up on every object in the living room now.

They so weren’t kidding when they said “they grow up so fast”… I feel like I’m not keeping up. Her nursery still isn’t complete! We have shelves and pictures to hang yet! I haven’t made a single thing for her yet… not even a baby blanket. In fact, her changing table isn’t even ready and she’s practically outgrown it – the hutch has a lower shelf that should be removed prior to using it for a changing table, but they made it darn near impossible to remove and Eric still hasn’t tried again to figure it out. So when Aria flips over mid-diaper change she comes up against the shelf and keeps knocking her head against it trying to sit up. At first it frustrated her… now she thinks it’s funny.

Needless to say we haven’t baby proofed yet… she keeps finding interesting objects under the coffee table, or makes her way to the front door to see what the shoes taste like, or heaven forbid she discovers a magazine or newspaper… those things don’t stand even a moment’s chance against her. I was thinking that now that she’s finally learning how to fall by bending and landing on her butt instead of going stiff and bumping her head it might be OK to set her on the floor in any room and letting her explore. Can’t try right now though, since I’m most likely missing her learning to walk while I sulk in Chicago. Plus Eric advised me she’s bumped her head a dozen times since I left… My poor little explorer. At least this is the last trip of this type I’ll have to go on again, and just have the big Sales Meeting coming up and that will be it for travel for the foreseeable future. So I can be home to kiss her tears away.

I swear someone stole my little bundle of a bitty baby and traded her out for a wee tot of a girl. There is definitely a small person taking over my life and requiring gobs of attention. And snuggles. (Sometimes she squirms and pushes away while being held, but other times she tries to climb you and bury herself in you while you sit in the floor… very fickle little being).

Things Aria has learned to do in the last ten days:
– feed herself finger foods
– drink from a sippy cup
– crawl (unreliably)
– pull herself up and stand
– walk along furniture (unreliably)

Slow down my little baby!!