You know when you smile so much it makes your face hurt? I feel that way about my heart.

So many wonderful cutenesses that I just can’t handle it anymore.

When I returned from San Francisco this last time, I had been away four days, and three nights. I didn’t get to see my Aria until Friday morning, but fortunately I was able to work from home. When she woke up Eric brought her into the bedroom and she just held onto him and looked at me. He joked that she didn’t remember me and I resigned myself to her likely change in favorite parents, given my periodic travel and his upcoming summer at home. He lay her down next to me to nurse, which she did without issue.

After a few moments she stopped, looked right into my face, and said, “mama.” My reply was a simple, “that’s right!!!” huuuuuugggggg… squeeeeeeeze.. kisses. Then she went back to nursing as if it was like no big deal.

Later that day I got my first real hug from her. She didn’t just head lean, she wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed. Oh it was wonderful. So wonderful. Eric got to experience it the next week. Just saying… saying that he got hugged too…

Something else she started doing this week was sharing. Like, forceful sharing. She will see your hands sitting there folded together as you sit on the floor with her, and she’ll pry them open so that she can put an object into your hand. Then she’ll wait a minute and take it back if you don’t give it back to her first.

Her kisses are both adorable and gross. So slimy. She just open mouth smears her drool all over your cheek and chin while making lots of baby noises. It’s really cute and really sweet, but also really wet. And good luck to whomever lies on the floor and lets her come over and ‘attack’ you… it’s actually kind of painful, between fingernails, teeth, and just baby crawling back and forth over and on top of you.

She’s kinda sneaky too. By kinda, I mean, she tries to be sneaky but, well, she’s a baby, so it doesn’t always work out like she plans. Eric told me how he came down the stairs, saw that the tv had a menu open on it that shouldn’t be there, and he looked around for the remote and both it and Aria were missing. She had gone three rooms away to the kitchenette and was standing facing the back door chewing on the remote.

I love my precious little cupcake.