My little muffin likes to follow me around. Or Eric. Or her cousin Kayla. Or whomever looks interesting or has something she wants, she’s a little shadow. And as many mothers will report, the bathroom isn’t an exception when the shadow is lurking.

She also likes to open and close doors. The front door is almost always open now, with the outer door locked, so that she can spend time looking outside and pointing to birds and squirrels and talking about what she sees. She likes to try to close it, so we have to keep an object between the two doors so that when she closes it, it won’t close all the way and potentially squish tiny fingers placed in poor locations. The other door she has access to regularly is the kitchen door, which folds to close. It used to be a nice baby proofing from the kitchen, but she learned if she rams it she can get it to fold and she’ll saunter into the kitchen like she belongs there. From the kitchen there are a number of doors… the doors to the back porch, to the pantry, and to the study, which all fortunately latch shut, and a door to the basement, which, while it does latch and even lock, we try to make it not very interesting to her because it’s a little scary that there are steps right on the other side.Lastly there is the door to the bathroom, which is a pocket door that slides, and which she hasn’t figured out yet, despite her best efforts to push, pull and ram it. It makes her terribly angry when you go in there and close the door, she’ll sit on the other side and whine until you come out again. Or if it’s left partially open she’ll just stroll right in with a big grin and make you grimace at everything she might touch (the trashcan, the floor, the toilet itself..) (she always gets her hands washed if she managed to get in there).

Yesterday I was trying to get some chores done and so went upstairs to grab her laundry basket and when I came back down she was plastered against the piece of furniture we have blocking the stairs to the second floor, and when I went past her headed into the kitchen she whined that I was going too fast.. which was my intention. I wanted to make it to the door to the basement before she could see where I went.

I went down, gathered up her clothes from the dryer, and then slowly opened the basement door to make sure I wasn’t going to flatten anyone on the other side. I opened it.. and no one was in the kitchen. Hmm.. where did she go? I know she was right behind me..

I looked to my left and she was sitting next to the bathroom door, with a toy and a book, waiting for me to come out of there.