Anyone who talks to me…well, ever.. knows that my baby loves to make mischief. I’m doing my best not to encourage bad behavior or attention seeking, and to reward goodness, sweetness and constructive learning…. But Eric and I agree she’s rather like a parrot or smart dog that, when not adequately stimulated, wreaks havoc. She doesn’t actually destroy anything…except newspapers, magazines and toilet paper rolls, but she does get the biggest ‘butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth’ grin before deliberately doing something she knows she shouldn’t.

The offenses range from the small and gross things, like finding someone’s shoes and carrying them off so she can chew on them, to the more obstinate, I will grab this plant/remote/breakable object despite your repeated commands not to touch.

That smile though… especially right before she does anything and it’s really just a big sign letting you know something is brewing in that little head… Oh its just such an adorable smile. I love when she grins then just runs out of the room..then peeks back in to see if you’re following.

So I say monkey because the child loves – no, lives – to climb on things. It started with the coffee table, then her car seat, then her toys, now the outside of the stairs. And falling doesn’t deter her. It just makes it more exciting.