It’s official, she has her first word(s): Buh bye.

Sorry mom, I know you wanted it to be “Hi there” like you, but instead she’s a baby on the go 🙂

She’s always been a “b” baby, with her adorable “ah boos” when she would cry, or how most of the things she loves to point at start with “b” (birds, bunnies, babies, bottle, books, her blankie) which will inspire a “b” sound from her, and she has been motoring her mouth for most of her life now, which I think is similar to making a “b” sound…

When it’s time to go somewhere I say, “let’s go bye bye in the bye bye car. Go get in your car seat” which she often does, all by herself.

Additionally, part of the night night routine is for us to wave bye bye to daddy before we go to bed. I’ll scoop her up and say, “let’s go to bed, wave night night to daddy” and we’ll wave and say, “bye bye daddy.” She started waving to him back in April (in her 8th month) and more recently started saying “buh” to him when we waved. I love when she’s completely willing to just wave night night to him because it means she knows she’s going to bed and is completely ok with it. Which is pretty much every time. And now that he’s home for the summer, when I work from home we say bye bye to him when she goes up to nap, as well.

So sometime this past month she started saying “buh bye”.. but it’s hard to pinpoint when exactly it was a consistent word(s) and not just “buh”.. So we’re just saying that sometime in July, during her 11th month, she said her first consistent word(s). She has been saying “ma ma” and “da da” for a while now but it’s still not always consistent. Sometimes I end up being “da da.”

She also knows that when someone is leaving that you say bye bye. When grandma comes over to watch her and is on her way home, we stand at the door and wave and say, “buh bye.” She’s very good at it now.

In fact, she’s so good at saying buh bye that she’s come up with other times to say it.

For example, the other morning I was making scrambled eggs for us to share. She was whining and clinging to my legs because she was hungry NOW and didn’t want to wait for them to cook (she had already had a small snack to tide her over but it was already wearing off after an eternally long 2 minutes) and so I picked her up and held her on my hip as I showed her how the eggs were liquid but starting to solidify and wasn’t that neat. It was, it was utterly captivating for a good minute or so. Then she leaned way over so that her face was in front of mine, and caught my attention with her big doe eyes, so that I turned my head to look at her. She smiled hugely at me and waved and said, “buh bye.” I replied, “no bye bye, I’m holding you..” and as I was speaking she took her little hand and pushed my chin so that my head turned back forward facing again. Then she squirmed indicating that she was attempting to get down.

Little stinker.

Or she might walk over and close the front door (the front door is often open so she can look out the storm door) and will wave to the outside as she does it, saying “buh bye..”

Last night she was trying really hard to tell me she was ready for bed, that she’d had a very long day and no second nap and she just wanted to go to bed. Unfortunately for her, she needed a bath first. So after the bath and after the diapering and after getting her vitamins and after chasing her around as she ran away dragging her blankie (there’s two identical blankets that she’s attached to, I’m not sure if she knows there are two, but one lives downstairs now and is often dragged around the living room) and tripping over it as she dragged it to the kitchen to show her daddy, she offered it up to him. She does that a lot now.. she picks something up or carries something over to you and offers to share it with you. Sometimes she really means it, other times she shows it to you and then quickly takes it back before you can really take it out of her little hand. Last night was the latter, she showed him her blanket, probably as a means to tell him that mommy was taking too long getting her ready for bed and maybe she’d have more luck with daddy and he might take her upstairs. I had followed her to the kitchen in an attempt to capture her; she stood in the doorway to the kitchen, looked up at him and said, “da da buh bye.”  I scooped her and her blanket up and she waved to him.

I’m pretty darn sure that was a sentence.

So I also have to say bye bye to my baby. We’re weaning, and it’s made me realize that I’m losing my tiny little baby. She’s a little girl now, which is exciting and wonderful, but how quickly she stopped being a little baby dependent on me. I’m proud that we made a it a whole year, although the last month or so we’ve only nursed right before bed to help her ease into sleepiness, and she hasn’t shown any interest in stopping up until this last week. She’s finally to a point where she only nurses for about five minutes before sitting up and wanting to read another book or to point to things in her room. So I’m going to assume we’re done with that phase of life and now it’s time to transition fully to the next chapter.

I watched my infant become a baby, and my baby become a toddler, all before she turned one year old. Buh bye my little baby.

Now let’s go learn and play and make messes and snuggle, my little girl.