My adorable little tot has managed to make it through her entire first year of life, with many an accomplishment, and only a handful of hospital visits (rabies vaccine from the bat scare). She’s met and exceeded every milestone placed in her path, and even those that weren’t supposed to be considered yet, like learning how to run, climb, and open and close containers, all before she was even close to a year old. This girl has some serious gumption and drive. And curiosity. And mischievousness. And cuteness.

We’ve also determined that she has a one track mind. But that doesn’t mean tunnel vision.. she can still be distracted, but not often swayed.


  • We were outside playing in her baby pool and she was having a blast climbing in and out of the pool and handing me things. At one point she was climbing out of the pool on a mission to give me one of her toys, and started to fall a bit as the pool edges are a bit high for her short, chubby little legs. She caught herself from falling, and I watched as her eyes focused on something near her hand, then she clambered over to me, handed me the toy, then went back to investigate what she’d spotted. It was a slug. It had to be very quickly removed from her hand before it could be examined with other parts of the body.
  • Sometimes she just wants to run around the coffee table. It’s like a track, or something. And all kinds of things will get in the way, like her toys, other toys, or more of her toys. So she has to weave her way around, but will continue on her laps until she has met her exercise quota that she’s set for herself.
  • She is bound and determined to get into some things, and no matter how much you distract, cajole, scold or pick her up and move her, she will relentlessly make her way back to whatever it is that she’s determined must be explored. Like the trash can. Or climbing onto furniture.

She’s still such a social butterfly. She might be a tad weirded out by someone new in the house, and may stand five feet in front of said new person and stare up at them with her mouth agape, or might attach herself to Eric’s or my leg to observe this person, but it usually doesn’t take long before she’s bringing them a toy or some other peace offering (like slimy cheerios). And if we’re out in a crowded place, especially if there’s music, there’s not an ounce of shyness left in her tiny body. She LOVES places with lots of people. You can actually watch her face light up once she sees a gathering.

When we took her to see her first fireworks in July she was so excited at the crowds of people that when I set her down she just bolted, flying through crowds of people without ever looking back to see if I was with her. I was right behind her but she made me so nervous I refused to let her stand on her own two feet for the rest of the evening.

And of course she got to eat her first cake with icing at her birthday, which was apparently something she’d been missing out on her entire life! 🙂

So this year was book ended by my mom. Mom came to visit when Aria was born, and was here for her first birthday. I think that’s really neat, especially because of how much she’s changed in that time.

wpid-wp-1407438585767.jpeg wpid-wp-1407438504392.jpeg

It’s hard to imagine, fathom, or explain how much I love this little cupcake. She’s so sweet and adorable, she’s able to get just about anyone to smile. I always just want to squeeze her. 🙂