There are two things that Aria has expressed a great love for (besides food, books, etc.): Dancing and water. And if combined, it’s exponentially better.

She loves going to places with crowds, especially if there’s music. We recently took her to an Italian Festival held by Eric’s mom’s church.

There was music and dancing and it was here she learned a new found love of bobbing.

She also discovered a love of water.. a deeper love of water. I believe I once had this great love of water, as my mom says I would be swimming in the lake at our lake house in March when the water was still really cold. Aria doesn’t care if the water in the pool is cool, she just wants to splash and stomp. When I finally started giving her a bath in the tub (long story, but she was still taking baths in the baby tub in the kitchen sink for most of this year) she thought she was in heaven! She can’t sit, she has to stand and explore and touch and point and splash and giggle.. I turn on the shower head at the end of her baths and she thinks its glorious.

wpid-wp-1407456994282.jpeg wpid-wp-1407457029697.jpeg

This also extends to rain. She had her first opportunity to run in the rain at that Italian Festival (usually when it’s raining we’re rushing to get from car to inside, or something similar, but not standing around outside in it), but she just loooooved it. Especially because her daddy was getting all soppy wet with her.

wpid-wp-1407444355412.jpeg wpid-wp-1407444338785.jpeg wpid-wp-1407444368063.jpeg

wpid-wp-1407444381270.jpeg wpid-wp-1407444390713.jpeg wpid-wp-1407444403011.jpeg

And of course there’s nothing more wonderful, after getting cold and wet and tired in the rain, than to snuggle up on the couch with your favorite blankie and drink a warm bottle of milk in a dry outfit. Followed by a delightful warm bath.