No really… a baby that takes showers.

So here’s how it started: the one and only bathtub in the house is in the bathroom that is now under construction, so the options were to move her back to the baby tub in the kitchen sink, hecks no, or take her into the shower with me.

I chose the latter, suffering through a couple weeks of holding a slippery baby while trying to suds her up then rinse her off without dropping her, then attempting to dry us both off and finish the getting-ready-for-bed ritual in a damp bathrobe until I could return to the shower to get myself cleaned up.

It kinda sucked.

When I would set her down she would cry and it’s such a small shower that it was cramped and no fun for either of us.

Then one day Eric broke the shower. He was innocently trying to switch out one little washer because the shower was leaking, but unfortunately he had the touch of doom that day and it broke (along with about three other things that broke at the same time in a spiral of things-getting-worse-not-better. It included the hot water faucet/handle itself, the valve to turn off the hot water to the whole house, and even the light fixture in the basement where he was attempting to shut off the hot water). It was not a happy day in our house.

For the next few days we were all taking showers at the grandparents’ house about a mile away. We did have running water, just no hot water and none of us wanted to do the cold shower thing.

They have a removable shower head so I was able to let Aria stand in the shower herself while I hosed her off with the shower cable thingy, and she loved it.

Once Eric fixed our shower, which involved putting in entirely new faucet handles, shower head, etc., all of a sudden Aria was willing to shower in there all by herself. It became fun and an adventure.

I brought in bath toys that would work in a shower (that don’t just float) and now bath time was once again something to look forward to.

In fact, after waving to and saying night night to daddy one evening, I set her down on the stairs and she climbed up and b-lined to our bedroom and straight into the bathroom. Even though this was only the second night of having toys in the shower, she ran over to where I’d set them on the floor (so Eric and I wouldn’t have to stand on her toys while showering, and they’d have a chance to dry off) and she gathered them up and went over and threw them into the shower. 

I chuckled at her as I reached in and turned the shower on then proceeded to disrobe her, leaving her diaper on until the last minute, while the water warmed up. Before I could stop her she climbed into the shower, still wearing her diaper.. and gasped as the cold water hit her. She immediately clambered back out. I had started to say, “no no it’s cold… ” but she was just so darned determined.

After the water warmed up I removed the diaper and back in she went without hesitation, and giggled and played and threw things and splashed in her little bucket as it collected water, and just had a grand time. 

I couldn’t say what the water waste ratio is of the shower compared to the bath, as the shower doesn’t typically last as long as the bath because the novelty wears off faster, but I would imagine that even so, we probably go through more water this way. Hopefully the glorious bathtub full of wonderful toys will be back in commission soon. But in the interim, at least she’s enjoying her showers.