I just spent 20 min trying to find my phone. I had been on the phone when I got home, so I knew it was inside. And I remember setting it down on the counter, but must have picked it up again, because it was no longer there.

I kept calling it from the home phone, but it was on vibrate so I was quietly playing Marco Polo, honing in on the location little by little, phone call by phone call. I couldn’t tell if it was in something, or maybe in a room upstairs, but it was definitely the most audible from the kitchenette.

Buzz buzz buzz…..buzz buzz buzz. I searched my bag, turned over stuff on the table, even tried looking in the room above the kitchenette…

Then it occurred to me that maybe I wasn’t the last one to have it. Maybe I should be looking from a lower vantage point.

I searched the cookbook shelf, the drawer with Aria’s bibs, and finally opened the pantry door. I was just starting to call it again when I saw it. Stuffed in the bottom shelf of the door hanging thing.
When had she done that?????