Aria and I just had lunch, then after lunch snacks, then dessert.. well she did. Meaning lunch, then yogurt covered cheerios (thanks to this recipe/idea), then some grapes and cheese, then a cookie…

Apparently it wasn’t enough.

I thought I’d give her tummy some time to digest it all a bit, so took her into the living room and put on Sesame Street. She was bobbing to the music and I looked down to check my computer (working). She came over to me making the “more” sign, but my boss was messaging me so I became engrossed in responding to her.

Less than 60 seconds later I heard a small crash in the kitchen.

I jumped up and ran to see what had fallen, and there was Aria, standing by the trashcan. She’d pulled out the old bag of grapes I’d just thrown away, with nothing left but stems and a few grapes I’d passed up… and at least one of those grapes  were in my daughter’s mouth.

At first I scolded her for A) getting into the garbage, B) eating out of the garbage, and C) eating unwashed grapes… that was just all kinds of eew. Not to mention the grapes weren’t cut in half, so also a choking hazard.

I held my hand up to her mouth and told her to spit it out. She did, and not only was it a squishy grape but also a bunch of stems still attached. I think she was actually kind of grateful to get that out of her mouth because it didn’t feel right.

She then waited somewhat patiently while I got out fresh new grapes from the fridge and washed and halved them. Now she’s happily watching Sesame Street with her grapes and cheese. Oh wait.. she’s making the “more” sign again…