My adorable little tot is such a little angel… sometimes 🙂

Like when I was trying to do dishes and she kept wanting to be picked up, I handed her the Swiffer with no cloth or anything on it and asked her to help mommy clean. For a good 5-10 minutes she wandered around the kitchen and kitchenette  pushing it around and running into things, and banging it against the floor, but determined to get the floor sparkly clean.

Also, yesterday morning she was feeling spirited so I took her with me “out.” We started at one of the grocery stores and as we were walking in she was sooo excited she was “yay”-ing and bouncing on my hip. I felt kind of bad about my little girl getting excited about grocery shopping, so once we left there we just went straight to the park. She loved that. It was so cold though, that we only stayed for 30 minutes, and she didn’t love that. But she ran around, climbed, picked up leaves, had a blast in the swing, and in general was very smiley and squealy.

But then last night she couldn’t sleep. I’m not sure what’s going on, if it’s teething, or if she’s getting another cold, or if she’s over-tired, over-rested.. this is all just so hard. She kept waking up, and after waiting a bit to see if she could put herself back to sleep, and couldn’t, I would go and hold her in the rocking chair. Each time she’d fall asleep in my arms rather quickly. She was just so adorable.. my little angle with rosy cheeks, snoring in my arms.

Wait, why does she have rosy cheeks?

The cheeks made me wonder if it was the new sheet I’d put on. It was between smooth cotton and fuzzy, and I was worried maybe it was rough against her face, so in the middle of the night I changed her sheets while she stood on the floor crying, pressing herself against my legs. I had set her in the rocking chair but she wanted to huddle against my legs. So cute, but rather difficult when trying to lug about a mattress (albeit a small one).

I sang and rocked and she fell asleep and I moved her to her crib, and though she woke up, she did go back to sleep on her own, but woke up again later. So maybe it wasn’t the sheet. The next time I tried a bottle, and the time after that some Tylenol.

We didn’t sleep so good last night. My poor little girl. And she still woke up by 8:30 today, and wouldn’t take a nap so Grandma Z took her off to cousin Kayla’s house to play. I hope she can sleep tonight.. although I really do love the chance to hold her when she’s all snuggly and adorable. My little angel.