We thought if she went with her cousin Kayla who is 3, that she would get the concept faster. Which she did.. by the third house she was running up to the front door and reaching for candy and stuffing it in her bag..even going for seconds..

But then we came to a house with a cat. The cat was on the other side of the glass door and very curious about everything… and Aria really wanted to see the kitty. She forgot how to trick or treat.. she took something from the lady’s  basket and just held it..”hi ki-y ki-y.”

I said, “put it in your basket,” so she tried to put it back in the lady’s  basket. We both laughed and said, “no, put it in your basket.”

With her eyes still glued to the kitty she  pulled something out of her own bag and offered it to the lady.

The lady looked at me and chuckled, “I think she wants to trade me for the cat.”