Aria just communicated with me. We had been playing with playdoh, but then  she started whining until I followed her into the kitchen, then she pointed at the fridge.
“N dis?”
I opened the fridge, “are you hungry?”
Slam! She pushed it closed and pointed at the door again.
“N dis?”
She was pointing at her ‘drawings’ on the door. I took down one with stickers all over it and handed it to her. She flung it aside violently.
I put it back on the door.
More pointing, “n dis?”
I picked her up and held her by the door, she pointed again to the page with stickers on it.
“Do you want to play with stickers?”
I walked over to her art stuff, still holding her, and she calmly watched as I got out a piece of paper and some stickers.
I set her and the stuff on the floor and she happily proceeded to place stickers on her paper.
Wow. I didn’t know she could think through something like that, or even remember doing stickers as it’s probably been a month or two since we did it last.