Aria and I are always trying to outsmart each other. Or she’s just trying to outsmart all of us. Most of the time the battle is over a diaper change.

1. I’ve brought the diaper and wipes into the living room and Aria is using a wall of toys to keep me at bay. My foot accidentally kicks and sets off the activity table, which plays a happy melody that draws the attention of Aria. She starts to come over, interested, sees the diaper and re-routes. After climbing up onto the couch she makes her way over to the chair, lets herself down between the two, so that she can go around behind the chair, essentially circling around such that the activity table is now between us. Smart move. Aria 1, mommy 0

2. I lie in wait in the kitchen, diaper and wipes at the ready. Aria strolls in unawares, one hand clutching her snack cup to her chest, the other cramming a fist full of snacks into her face. She saunters in, spots the diaper and freezes in the doorway..then takes two steps backwards ready to bolt. I grab her. Aria 1, mommy 1

3. Daddy has the diaper and wipes laid out in the kitchen, ready to go. He goes to herd Aria that way so he can change her, but she runs past and hides under the kitchen table. When he is caught unawares she darts past, snagging the wipes and diaper both on her way out the door. Giggling hysterically, she dives into her tunnel with them. Aria 1, daddy 0

4. Daddy leaves the baby gate (door) into the study open when he goes in. Aria wanders in behind him, but then sees me coming in the living room. She knows that gate is clearly meant to keep someone out, so goes over and closes it before I too can come in. Then pats it for good measure before going back over to her daddy. Mommy -1