My 16mo old says thank you. It’s only the most adorable thing, ever.

She’s actually been saying it for a few weeks, but I wasn’t 100% sure I was hearing correctly. When I really decided it had to be ‘thank you’ was when Denise had brought Kayla over to play for an hour or so, as sometimes the girls just need to have a play date to get all the mischief out of their systems. I was supposed to be working, but stopped to watch their cute antics.

Kayla surprisingly initiated the “I’m hungry” so I brought them both some cheese. Aria seemed a little surprised when I handed her some, and she looked at me and said, “akye.” I turned to Denise, who was smirking, and I said, “that was thank you, wasn’t it? I wasn’t sure before what that was, but that seemed pretty clear.” She heartily agreed that it was.

She doesn’t always say it, and now that I know she understands when to use it I enforce it with, “say thank you” when anyone gives her anything. I was doing that some before, but more now. And true to toddler stubbornness, when I tell her to say it she usually doesn’t. But in the past few days she’s been trying out more words so is willing to say it on command.

Next is ‘please!