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My poor poor little tot. I didn’t mean to, honestly.

I had to put her in her crib for a 30 min call with my boss and team, so that I wouldn’t have to worry if she was safe and also had a chance for no background noise. I made sure to put fun things in her crib with her, using it more like a playpen, so that she had books to read and toys to play with while she waited for me to get off my call.

I brought the baby monitor downstairs with me just so I could keep an eye on her and have peace of mind that at least she was safe, if not happy about being penned.

Unfortunately I missed something.

I watched the monitor screen in perplexity as Aria hung on the edge of the crib, crying hysterically, pointing.. pointing. She was adamantly pointing at the rocking chair, and saying, “dat! dat! daaaaaaat!!!!”

I peered closely at the screen, trying to see what she was pointing at.. then to my horror I realized what it was.

Her blankie.

Oh my poor poor baby.. to place her in her crib with her blankie just out of reach, visible but not snuggable.

I ran upstairs, grabbed her blanket, picked up my hysterical baby, snuggled her close for a moment, apologizing profusely, then set her back in her crib with her blanket.

By the time I got back downstairs she was near the end of her tantrum and was starting to settle down, so I was able to focus on my call.

But my heart is just a little more broken than it was 30 minutes ago.. I tortured my poor little tot.


Sometimes I ask Aria to do something that I have little intention of her actually doing… like, “come give mommy kisses.” I mean really, who expects a toddler to stop running around like a maniac to give mommy kisses. I’m always seriously surprised when she sometimes does decide to come throw herself at me and plant a slimey kiss on my mouth.  …not sure why I do that to myself..
But anyway, she needed a diaper change so I told her to go get me the wipes. I didn’t honestly expect her to, because they are on the counter above her reach. It was more of a diversion of sorts… well anyway, she ran away like she usually does for diaper changes, and I found her in the dinning room, about to play with a toy in there. At least I thought.  I grabbed the wipes from the kitchen and announced I’d be in the living room if she decided she’d like to have clean britches.
I sat down on the floor and looked over into the dinning room…and she was on the table. “Aria! What are you doing on the table???” I ask as I run in there.
She’s managed to squirm across various objects on the table, no mean feat as it became a dumping ground during Christmas when stuff had to be moved out of place and it was the most efficient temporary storage location. She’d crawled across the table to the other side, over stuff, and was grabbing a small package of hand and face wipes.
…. They weren’t the correct type of wipes, and they had never been opened, but they looked similar to a package of the same thing we had before, but a different color… they were wipes though..but up on the table surrounded by tons of other stuff..
I wasn’t sure how to react as I picked her up and placed her on the floor, so she ran and took them to daddy because I was standing there dumbfounded. The only thing he could do was tell her thank you because she had done exactly as I had asked.
I did thank my 17mo old also..and have learned my lesson about what I ask of her..

My little monkey is constantly showing her personality and ability to think through things, which is simply amazing to watch, and rather amusing as well:

  • While staying at my G-ma’s house for Christmas in Texas, Aria wanted to look out the back door and decided she might as well be comfy about it, so dragged over a small-person chair, along with her blankie and bottle, and settled herself in for a relaxing morning.
  • On the plane ride back home we had been loaded up with a variety of snacks for her dining pleasure, and after devouring cheese, blueberries, puffs, a squeezie pouch, milk,  and even my complimentary chex mix from the airline, she had her eye on a big cup of greek yogurt. My fear was the mess it might make, so kept trying to hide it back in her lunch box. She was determined, however, and “dis!” is what she wanted. So I finally relented and carefully pulled back the lid, gingerly mixed the peaches in using her little toddler spoon, and as soon as I had a spoonful ready to give her, she turned her head away and declared she did Not, in fact, want yogurt. So I ate the yogurt for her, as there was nothing else to be done with it. And of course once she’d decided she no longer wanted it she needed her hands to be into something else, like stickers or something, which tied up my hands holding on to her and her stuff. So Eric had to feed me the yogurt over her head, with the baby spoon. I’m sure it made a lovely sight for fellow passengers.
  • Aria ran out of snacks in her snack cup. She fetched the puffs from her diaper bag, popped the top off and decided she would refill her snack cup herself, the way mommy does.. by pouring them into the snack cup. She just didn’t take the lid off the cup first.
  • I had to give Aria her first spanking 😦 She was in a mood and just wanted to cause mischief just for the sake of causing mischief (this is becoming more frequent), so kept climbing into the bottom kitchen drawer where her bowls/plates are stored. Usually I have no problems with her playing in this drawer, but she wanted to sit in it and you could visibly see the drawer slumping. I had told her several times already not to get into it again, had tried diverting her and showing her fun toys we could play with together, had tried locking her out of the kitchen (which only works until the next time someone needs to go in that direction and leaves the door open again), and had tried talking to her in words she should understand that it wasn’t acceptable. Finally I told her, as I pulled her out one last time, that if she got into the drawer one more time she was going to get a spanking. With that little devilish look, and staring me right in the eye, she climbed back in. So I picked her up and put her across my lap, pulled her diaper down so that the tops of her cheeks were exposed, and gave her a smack. It wasn’t hard enough to turn her skin red, but it was hard enough to maybe sting a little bit. But the main point was that it startled her and got her attention. I set her down and she pouted and cried and ran to daddy, who repeated that she shouldn’t be in that drawer. So she hasn’t been in it since, and that was probably a week ago. Also, later in the day she was doing something else, and I warned her another spanking might occur and she decided against repeating her misbehavior.
  • This is not to say that I don’t love her little mischiefs. In fact, I may be partially to blame for why she is so mischievous, because she loves to be chased, and the best way to get mommy to chase her is to have something she shouldn’t. And she’s just soooo freakin’ adorable when she freaks out when you catch her. I realize I’m probably encouraging bad behavior, but you just have to see hooooowwww cute she is when she runs away with something that she found somewhere and won’t stop putting in her mouth, and when you corner her she buries her head in a corner and squeals, or collapses on the floor in giggles, or panics and throws the item away from her then darts in a different direction, but very spastically.. oh she’s just so adorable I have to squeeze and kiss her.. I can’t help it!! The most recent occurrence like this happened with playdoh.. she desperately wanted me to chase her so she got up from the floor where we were playing and took a wad of playdoh with her. She looked at me and started pulling off pieces and dropping them on the floor. “Aria, don’t distribute playdoh around the room.. come back and let’s play together.” Tear a piece off.. drop. Grin. “Aria…” Squeal! Run and hide under the kitchen table.  I don’t chase her. She comes back out. Tear a piece off.. put it in the mouth. Grin. “Aria! You know better than to eat the.. ” Squeal! Dart under the table. Run around the outside of the table. Mommy doesn’t chase her..
    Poor thing. I put all of the playdoh away, took her into the living room, lay her gently down on the floor, then tickled the snot out of her.
  • She pulls the socks off of her baby cousin and tries to put them on herself. She also is determined to put her pants on herself and it’s becoming nearly impossible to put pants on her because she wants to do it herself.
  • She knows a handful of animal sounds now, and it’s fun to hear her make her cute sounds (or gestures) for them. However, when asked what does the kitty say, it’s always “hi kitty.”
  • It is impossible to keep her out of the bar-height chairs in the kitchenette. She climbs into my chair and over into her highchair. If we push the chairs in or move them far away from the table, she just pushes them together then climbs in. Eric has found her on a few different occasions, where she has climbed into a chair with something she is eating (like cheese or a bowl of fruit) and is happily sitting there at the table in one of the empty chairs, eating her snack.
  • When she’s mad she really wishes she were the Hulk
  • Every night when we go upstairs she runs to the room the cat spends 90% of his life in, and goes to pet him, step on him, shove his toy in his face, climb over him and tell him “hi kitty” a number of times. When I’ve decided the cat has suffered enough I pick her up and carry her out which prompts a few “buh bye kitty”‘s . There’s a plant that partially blocks the door (its leaves stick out really far) so they brush against us when we leave. What’s funny, however, is that I make sure that I have the plant brushing against my back so that she doesn’t have plant in her face, but she still sticks her arms up and blocks her face and pushes the leaves away.. it cracks me up, because they don’t actually touch her, but she’s brushing something away anyway.
  • Sometimes Aria will find the infant car seat which is still floating around in our house, and she’ll drag it to whatever room I’m in, go find her blanket, and make herself comfy in it. Just because it makes a nice Aria-sized chair, of which she apparently does not have enough.
  • Dada is the most important person in the world right now. When he leaves the room she will run around looking for him, “Dada? Dada?” and when I tell her that he’s upstairs or downstairs, she’ll run to said stairs and yell at the top of her lungs, “Dada! Dada!” I hope I don’t sound like that when I’m calling to him, because she sounds rather bossy, the way she says it. She is mega torn on who should hold her when we stand too close together, and will launch herself between the two of us, so we (unwillingly) play this game of catch until we are no longer near each other. Sometimes I make him hug and kiss me while I’m holding her just to make her jealous. She launches herself at him so that he has to hold her, then she pushes me away. Then she launches herself at me so she can direct me on where she’d like to go next.
  • She likes to spin in circles until she is so dizzy she’s crashing into everything.
  • For Christmas we got her a kitchen, which is in our kitchen. She’s not quite tall enough to use all of it, like the microwave, which is probably the thing she’s most comfortable with using (side story below*). So she remedied that problem by fetching a box. I wasn’t sure if Eric would approve of her standing on this box so I kept putting it away in different spots, but she kept finding it and bringing it back, because it is apparently the most perfect box to complete her kitchen.

    I will say it was much better than some of her other ideas..
  • The buttons on her kitchen are just pictures, they don’t actually do anything. She likes to push them anyway, and gets the biggest grin when we add sound effects for her. She thinks that’s so awesome. She’s now trying out some of her own sound effects. Once when we were playing with the mega blocks I made a rocket then had it take off and make rocket noises. Now every time she builds something, when she decides she’s done she holds it up in the air and makes her own rocket noises.

*microwave side story – Aria likes to help make her breakfast. So once she has picked the item out of the freezer (like a little frozen cup of pureed fruit), she gets to open the microwave, place the item gently inside, and slam the microwave door. Then push the button to start it. She does all of this now without me saying anything, I just have to hold her at the correct height. She also knows that after the first 30 seconds we usually take it out and stir it or something, then put it back in and push the button (“add 30 seconds”) again. So Eric told me that he was playing with her one day and she would put something in her microwave, push buttons, take the thing out of the microwave, put it back in, push more buttons, and on and on.