Sometimes I ask Aria to do something that I have little intention of her actually doing… like, “come give mommy kisses.” I mean really, who expects a toddler to stop running around like a maniac to give mommy kisses. I’m always seriously surprised when she sometimes does decide to come throw herself at me and plant a slimey kiss on my mouth.  …not sure why I do that to myself..
But anyway, she needed a diaper change so I told her to go get me the wipes. I didn’t honestly expect her to, because they are on the counter above her reach. It was more of a diversion of sorts… well anyway, she ran away like she usually does for diaper changes, and I found her in the dinning room, about to play with a toy in there. At least I thought.  I grabbed the wipes from the kitchen and announced I’d be in the living room if she decided she’d like to have clean britches.
I sat down on the floor and looked over into the dinning room…and she was on the table. “Aria! What are you doing on the table???” I ask as I run in there.
She’s managed to squirm across various objects on the table, no mean feat as it became a dumping ground during Christmas when stuff had to be moved out of place and it was the most efficient temporary storage location. She’d crawled across the table to the other side, over stuff, and was grabbing a small package of hand and face wipes.
…. They weren’t the correct type of wipes, and they had never been opened, but they looked similar to a package of the same thing we had before, but a different color… they were wipes though..but up on the table surrounded by tons of other stuff..
I wasn’t sure how to react as I picked her up and placed her on the floor, so she ran and took them to daddy because I was standing there dumbfounded. The only thing he could do was tell her thank you because she had done exactly as I had asked.
I did thank my 17mo old also..and have learned my lesson about what I ask of her..