My poor poor little tot. I didn’t mean to, honestly.

I had to put her in her crib for a 30 min call with my boss and team, so that I wouldn’t have to worry if she was safe and also had a chance for no background noise. I made sure to put fun things in her crib with her, using it more like a playpen, so that she had books to read and toys to play with while she waited for me to get off my call.

I brought the baby monitor downstairs with me just so I could keep an eye on her and have peace of mind that at least she was safe, if not happy about being penned.

Unfortunately I missed something.

I watched the monitor screen in perplexity as Aria hung on the edge of the crib, crying hysterically, pointing.. pointing. She was adamantly pointing at the rocking chair, and saying, “dat! dat! daaaaaaat!!!!”

I peered closely at the screen, trying to see what she was pointing at.. then to my horror I realized what it was.

Her blankie.

Oh my poor poor baby.. to place her in her crib with her blankie just out of reach, visible but not snuggable.

I ran upstairs, grabbed her blanket, picked up my hysterical baby, snuggled her close for a moment, apologizing profusely, then set her back in her crib with her blanket.

By the time I got back downstairs she was near the end of her tantrum and was starting to settle down, so I was able to focus on my call.

But my heart is just a little more broken than it was 30 minutes ago.. I tortured my poor little tot.