Eric is home with Aria today, as school was cancelled and his kids get another snow day. He called to tell me that my baby was ready to be picked up.. at noon, while I was still sitting at my desk at work.

He was in the process of pseudo-scolding her for wiping her nose on his arm, and told me that he had given Aria some pieces of paper to throw away, because she loves to help, but when he heard a noise he found the trashcan on it’s side and her with old french fries hanging out of her mouth.

“It’s like having a puppy!”

I love it when he gets to experience her in full doses without me around, especially when it’s for a whole day. I often regret how much cuteness I get to experience and how little of it you can really share with others.. I’m sure most of it is “you had to be there” type stuff, that’s just heartwarming or hilarious when you’re watching her, but hearing about it second hand just loses the effect.

So I’m glad Eric is getting to endure toddlerdom right now 🙂