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Monthly Archives: March 2015

One of Aria’s new favorite expressions is “doe?” with her hands held out, meaning, “where’d it go?”

She asks that whenever she’s too lazy to actually look for something, or she drops anything, or she thinks that something/someone is missing. A lot of times I have to really work to figure out what it is she’s looking for, because when I ask her I get an answer.. I just don’t usually understand what it is she’s saying.

This weekend she was helping me put away her toys, and one of her favorites, Mr. Potato Head, was unaccounted for. We had some of his facial features, but were missing the actual potato body. She picked up some of the pieces, looked at me, held out her hands and asked, “doe?”

I replied, “I don’t know, let’s look for him.”

She pointed to my growing belly and lifted up my shirt. Clearly I was hiding him under my shirt, or why else would I have a bump under there?


Baby number two is in the works and on the way. I had the anatomy scan last week, to check that all the different parts, bones, organs, etc. were in place and working well. I got to see the little face, teeny little hands and adorable little feet, and the technician counted 10 little fingers and toes.

Overall the baby looks very healthy, and incredibly active as the technician kept saying she was having a hard time getting measurements as the baby wouldn’t stay still.

She was kind enough to put what gender the baby is in an envelope so Eric and I could discover it together, since he couldn’t come to the appointment with me.

There was one thing.. it appears that the baby’s left foot is turned in slightly. The doctor is recommending some tests be done to rule out anything serious, but the chances are that the baby’s going to have one clubfoot is pretty good, it seems.

My sister-in-law, Bobbi, sent me a text that morning to see how the ultrasound went, and had a little icon of two little feet. It was sweet, but made me cry.

After talking with Eric, my mom, and then his mom, I felt better about it, but want to make sure we do everything possible to give this baby a chance to have a normal and healthy life. All I could think was, my poor baby would be born with a known problem and I just wanted her to be able to keep up with her big sister Aria. Poor teeny tiny little baby.

But it sounds like it is a manageable, fixable problem, and hopefully not very serious, and after a rigorous effort to correct her tiny little foot, she should lead a normal life.

I go back for another ultrasound in a couple weeks and they’ll take a closer look, so we’ll see what shows up. In the mean time, my little kicker is following in her big sister’s footsteps and is a little mover and shaker. While, for myself, I dread having two little mischief makers who can’t be kept out of anything, for this baby and for Aria’s sake, I look forward to the challenge 🙂