One of Aria’s new favorite expressions is “doe?” with her hands held out, meaning, “where’d it go?”

She asks that whenever she’s too lazy to actually look for something, or she drops anything, or she thinks that something/someone is missing. A lot of times I have to really work to figure out what it is she’s looking for, because when I ask her I get an answer.. I just don’t usually understand what it is she’s saying.

This weekend she was helping me put away her toys, and one of her favorites, Mr. Potato Head, was unaccounted for. We had some of his facial features, but were missing the actual potato body. She picked up some of the pieces, looked at me, held out her hands and asked, “doe?”

I replied, “I don’t know, let’s look for him.”

She pointed to my growing belly and lifted up my shirt. Clearly I was hiding him under my shirt, or why else would I have a bump under there?