Aria climbed out of her crib last night.

We had just finished the night night rituals, she was dressed, read to, sang to, rocked and ready..or so I thought. I lay her down in her crib, told her I loved her and goodnight, but she stood up and started crying that she wanted to be held more. After a typical 45 min routine, I was beat, so kissed her on the head and firmly declined. I turned to leave, walked the three steps to the door, turned to say one last goodnight, and there was my child dangling on the outside of the crib! I cried out, something like oh no, or oh my goodness, as I flew to the crib to grab her.

I’m not sure what made her cry, if it was that I had thwarted her escape, or that I had called out loudly and she thought I was mad, or if she had frightened or hurt herself in the attempt, but cry she did. I held her for a moment, lay her down again, then rushed out the door and closed it to a crack so it would be dark and discouraging. (Turning off all the lights in the kitchen/kitchenette is how I keep her out of there at night. Not that she’s afraid so much as she likes to be able to see when she gets into mischief.)

I grabbed the monitor and ran downstairs to tell Eric and watch the little screen to see if she tried it again. Thankfully she didn’t. Nor did she tonight or during her nap today. Instead, she figured out how to get past the blockade at the foot of the stairs, as well as figured out how to get over the baby gate into the study. And she was sooo proud of herself when she figured these things out, yelling and pointing, as if they had just been a test for her to pass. I’m actually hoping the crib thing scared her enough that she doesn’t try it again soon, because I really feel like that’s the safest place to leave her when showering or whatever. If it’s not that safe anymore, I’m not sure what I’ll do with her. She is becoming uncontainable.