Aria likes to make up games now.

She talks near-constantly, when we’re home, so she has to come up with things to say, I guess. One of the things you’ll hear, either emanating from the back seat of the car, or through the baby monitor, or wherever, is a very sing-song, “yay Pappy… yay daddy..” and that list has grown to include “yay mum.. yay Aria.”

She was doing this in her bath last night, and I decided to add to her list, so she would say “yay Pappy” and I would respond “yay mum” to which she would respond “yay daddy” to which I added, “yay kitty.” She looked around for a minute, cogs turning in her little brain, and said, “yay door.”

The bath is a great place for games. The shark game we used to play, where I would sing the Jaws theme then nibble her neck with a foam shark, is now a game where she attacks me from the tub. She gets this very serious look on her face, moves her hands around a little, sings “duu duuu duu” then her hands attack my arms and I have to squeal. She gets a very big kick out of this.

She also tries to splash me, but hasn’t quite figured out the trick, so instead just smears water all over me.

Another great favorite, for all involved, is the jump on daddy game. Or, since she’s being raised Seuss style, Hop on Pop 🙂 This game started with her just plopping down on him, but she’s become more brave over the months and now her feet fly out and she lands full force onto Eric’s belly or chest.

She doesn’t always give him warning, either. I think the dramatic Star Wars music in the background really adds to this.

But the best is when Eric got her back:

We’ve already decided when she’s old enough she’s going to take gymnastics 🙂