That song is now stuck in my head.. “It’s the final countdown!”.. guitar break..

Anyway, according to the expected due date of my new little handful, 7 weeks to go! It both feels like forever and so close all at once, so I don’t know how to feel!

Actually, I know exactly how I feel. Exhausted. Aria has reached the naked stage where it’s harder to keep clothes on her than it is to get her to pick up after herself. Speaking of which, she is just so precious. I love what a sweet and helpful child she is most of the time (when she’s not tired/cranky or incredibly distracted). She cleans herself up after meals, wipes the counters and floors when she makes messes, throws away garbage, brings us things we ask her to, tries to help with sweeping or vacuuming or dusting.. she’s just a doll.

But back to new baby, it’s hard for me to remember exactly what Aria was like, but I feel like she’s incredibly active. One nice thing, though, is that she doesn’t jam her feet up under my ribs like her sister did to me (constantly). I used to push and push trying to get Aria out from under there. Maybe she just hasn’t discovered the extra foot room yet. But she has definitely discovered the punching bag that is my bladder. She likes to stomp on it periodically and send me into a tizzy to find the nearest restroom. And then for good measure give it another blow so that I have to go back again before I’ve had a chance to go about whatever I had been doing.

And there are constant lumps trying to push their way out of my belly. I feel inclined to push back because of Alien. You just never know.. if she pushed too hard.. It just creeps me out when lumps are protruding from my belly, that I can’t not push back to keep them inside me.

The whole thing is still weird. There is a being living in my belly! How is that not weird?? And to boot she’s supposed to be the size of a pineapple by now. An entire pineapple bouncing around in my belly!

But after all of the terribly sad stories I’ve heard, I 100% prefer an overactive baby to one who doesn’t move much or enough. At least I know she’s alive and kicking (literally) and in good shape and spirits (at least I assume..).

The whole waiting game to see what she’s like, what she looks like, what type of baby she’ll be is just so hard. But I’ve made up my mind and heart to try again to go natural (as long as my doctor lets me). It was a really tough decision, remembering it took 20 hours of a lot of poking, prodding and painful stuff, and a tiresome left-side-only-not-allowed-to-move ordeal with failure at the end, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not even a whole day for the chance to try again to do it the “right” way. Another thing that makes this decision harder is, if we do succeed I’ll actually lose two whole weeks of maternity leave time with her 😦 But giving up this notion of being able to schedule my baby to come when and where I choose, and instead leave it in the hands of God who will decide when we’re both ready, and how she’ll end up coming into the world, is actually more comforting to me.

I just hope she decides of her own accord not to make an appearance on her sister’s birthday 🙂