From stories I’ve heard, it sounds like Aria is going to be a great big sister. She looks after her little cousins in a sweet and non-abrasive way, at least according to her grandparents.

For example, her little one-year old cousin Lucas was coming down the stairs backwards and she guided his foot to avoid a piece of chalk that he might have stepped and slipped on. She didn’t say anything, just moved his foot over a little. And when they were told to stay out of the flower bed she gently herded him away, without yelling or pushing or being bossy. She just guided him away with her arms.

Sounds like she’s at least a sweet cousin, so I hope it translates 🙂

Now if only she were as sweet to her mommy. Work from home days are practically a bust. I get work done before she’s up and once she’s down for a nap, but while she’s awake I spend my time keeping her from breaking herself or something else. And she just loves to be defiant and keep things away from me, or try to do things she knows she’s not supposed to.

And apparently we’re in full-blown potty training mode now. I can’t keep a diaper on her, and I fear for the rugs, and for the mess that’s going to ensue, so today I’ve locked her into the kitchen with me. We keep going and sitting on the little potty, but a little while ago she was sitting on her little potty and playing with my phone but got bored and wandered away from it while I was distracted. When I looked down she was squatting in the middle of the floor and a puddle was forming around her. My phone was in that puddle.

And a couple evenings ago I was crashed out on the couch, exhausted, while Aria was running around playing and talking away. The front door was open so she could look out the storm door. She sometimes plays this game where she closes the front door as far as she can and squishes herself between the two doors. She was doing that, so I couldn’t really see her.

Then I heard, “poop,” which generally means, “I went pee in my diaper, so it’s really too late to bother with going to sit on the potty, but I thought you should know.” I groggily asked her if she wanted to go sit on the potty anyway, and of course she said no.

A moment later I am presented with two handfuls of poop and great big eyes and a little voice saying, “poop! poop!”

Ugh. So we had to clean that up and get her scrubbed down to ungross me out. And find the diaper she had shed somewhere.

I really don’t have the energy for this right now. I would have much preferred her to stay calmly in her diapers and let this all wait until I had the enthusiasm to keep up with her.


Update: Within 15 min of posting this she had pulled off her clothes and diaper so we sang a song about “pee pee on the potty” to which she danced and smiled and kept sitting on the potty and saying pee pee. Then she ran into the dining room and played keep away with me while I tried to capture her to put a new fresh diaper on her, and pooped on the floor.