I’m not exaggerating when I say that my little Aria never ceases to amaze me. I just can’t keep up with how quickly she’s growing up and what she’s capable of!

We had a magical moment the other night.

I wanted to create a song that was just hers. So while she was little bitty I started working on writing a song for her. Now it’s nothing fancy or complicated, but the hardest part of writing a song, or writing anything, is remembering what you wrote from one day to the next. I would forget a melody that I’d started the next time I went to sing it, or I’d forget what words I’d managed to put together that rhymed. So while the little ditty is very very simple and nothing special, since it’s not my profession it did take a little effort to make a song just for my little Aria.

But I’ve been singing it to her now for most of her life, as part of the rotation with the other lullabies.

So the other night I started singing it, and when I finished my little girl started singing it back to me.

It has a first part that says I love you, etc., then a second part that goes, “my Aria” a few times.

So she sang, “luff you.. Aria Aria” in her own way a few times.

It was just soooo precious! Only two people in the entire world know this song, and the other person actually knows it now 🙂 *heart melt*

Similarly, last night she became upset because it was getting late, she hadn’t had a nap so was a little crankier than usual, I needed to get her to bed so I myself could go to bed, and I had to call quits to bedtime antics. Although she hadn’t been actively participating in reading books and was more involved in running around like a crazy person and banging on her piano and whatnot, I called a halt to everything including books. She hates it when I say we’re done reading books and she’s not quite ready to be done reading. Again, she wasn’t even paying attention, but it’s the principle of it.

She started sobbing as I held her and turned off the lights, “books! books!”

I closed her door to a crack so it was nice and dark, went over to her crib and turned on the toy that projects stars onto the ceiling – Eric got this for her recently and it’s been amazing.

While she was still sobbing into my shoulder I started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She quieted down a little tiny bit and I managed to get her attention and point to the stars on the ceiling. The crying started to abate. I sang through the song another time and by the end she was quiet and resting her head on my shoulder. I asked her, “do you want to sing with mommy?” and without any hesitation, she sat upright in my arms and joined in.

It was SOOOOO adorable. Anyone listening in would have had no idea we were singing the same song, but she did throw in the words Up and Star and pointed to the ceiling and sang something the entire time with me, but it was amazing nonetheless, with her adorable little voice lilting to her version of the song. *more heart melt*

After that she let me put her to bed without issue and was asleep really quickly. I think that was the first time we sang something together.