Oh my goodness she’s such a handful.

This morning Eric brought her down to the living room where we were sitting (I was working, Eric was watching a movie), and he didn’t go feed her right away because she wasn’t expressing a desire to eat just yet.

However, she disappeared for a few minutes and returned with a plate from her drawer, a spoon from our silverware drawer, and a half-eaten Blizzard that she pulled out of the freezer. She was just so nonchalant and cute, standing there holding her prize, ready for her father to help her eat ice cream for breakfast.

And would you believe he actually opened the Blizzard and was going to give it to her! But it was frozen solid, so couldn’t. I can’t believe that boy.

Later in the morning I moved to the kitchenette to work and Eric came through to go to the restroom. He was out of the living room maybe two minutes total, but upon his return he shouted to me, “Lisa.. come help!”

I ran in there, worried about what could have gone wrong.. He was frantically looking for something and Aria was standing there all innocent with her big beautiful eyes.

She had ejected a movie he had put in for her, and both it and the movie he had been watching earlier were missing. We asked her where she put them and she just stood there looking at us.

I tried talking in Aria-ish. “Aria.. where did the movies go?” Hands held out.


This time she held her hands out, then went over to the cabinet on the left and opened the door, where the sound system stuff was. I asked again, “Where are the movies? Where did they go?”

She turned to me, “doe?” then turned back to the sound system and started touching it and turning knobs and stuff.

I wanted to tell her not to touch that stuff, but something else told me she was actually showing me something. Eric was still wandering around the room looking in and under stuff, checking the movies in the movie cabinet to see if the discs were in there.

I started feeling around the sound system thing, and sure enough, underneath it was one of the movies.

After checking all around that side, we started looking at the other side, where the actual Playstation is. And there was the other movie, crammed underneath the Playstation.

So she had ejected the movie he had put in for her, tried to put in the other movie by cramming it under the Playstation, and when the TV didn’t automatically start playing it she had tried again on the other side with the second movie. All while Eric used the restroom, in under a couple of minutes.

We’re lucky she didn’t break the discs, but yesterday was the first time we had put a movie in for her in literally months, so I guess the moral of the story is to be super careful of what you do in front of her while she’s watching, because she’s clearly paying attention.

*I’ve been afraid to post this as I was sure something else would happen today, but now that she’s down for her nap I guess anything else she does today will get documented at a later time.*