My little sweet tot is growing up so fast. Everyone says it, I know it and that’s why I force cuddle her and Avery as much as I can, to squeeze as much baby from them as I’m able. Poor things. Actually Avery still likes it. She sleeps so much better while draped across me.

Ever since Aria started daycare I’ve just watched her blossom. She comes home singing songs, like her HIT’s (ABC’s.. I think it’s very telling..) even though she doesn’t get all the letters right or in order, but you can definitely tell that’s what she’s singing. She sings Teddy Bear and Twinkle Star and Wheels on the Bus and a bunch of others and it’s just soo cute to figure out what she’s saying and chime in.

Although not Eric. He’s not allowed to sing with her.

I picked her up yesterday and as we were driving away she said, “bye bye school” .. then “bye bye Priya.” She knows the names of her classmates! I’m not sure why I’m surprised, but it’s just so cute that she knows other kids besides cousins.

Her vocabulary is taking off, and she’s speaking more and more in full sentences with correct prepositions. We’re going from “eat Pappy” to “eat WITH pappy.”

Lately when she comes home from “school” she will give everyone hugs then proceed to play with her toys all by herself. It’s amazing.. her toys have become interesting again. And she doesn’t require assistance. And it’s sooo much better than hitting, biting, scratching and kicking everyone. She’s being nicer to her sister and just overall more pleasant.

Time away with lots of stimulation and peer pressure works wonders on terribleness. I’d almost be willing to say that it feels like the roughest part of the terrible twos is past.. but I’d hate to jinx myself ūüôā

So while she’s still easy to dress in the mornings because she’s not awake enough yet to have an opinion, the night night routine is crazy stubborn. She has to brush her own teeth, pick out her own pj’s, decide which book(s) to read, and demand me to sing certain lullabies. We sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at least three times each night, with her sometimes singing along with me.

We have a book of lullabies and poems and some of them I know the melodies to. I think it was only one time that we sat and read it cover to cover and when there was a lullaby I knew in there, I sang it. Ever since, if I sing one of those lullabies, even though I have¬†them¬†memorized, I have to hold the book. And open it to the correct page so she can look at the picture. So I will be sitting on the edge of her bed, begin to sing Twinkle Twinkle.. “book!? Twinkle twinkle book!?” So I usually just hold it in my lap flipped open to some page and hope she doesn’t try to see the picture. It somehow comforts her for me to just have the book in hand.. in case I forget the words, or something, you know?

And speaking of stubborn, I wish I had recorded the argument between her and her father the other night. They were both demanding that the other go throw the diaper away. I was in a nearby room and I just kept hearing, “Aria, garbage, please go throw your diaper away”, then “daddy! Throw away!” then “no, Aria throw away,” “nonono daddy, Throw Away!” back and forth..

We’re pretty sure she’s OCD. Maybe every toddler is, but ours is ridiculous. Or at least she’s incredibly particular.

Any time she wants to eat something she needs to get a spoon out of the silverware drawer. Like for grapes, or crackers, or raisins. You know, things that need spoons.

She freaks out if I don’t tuck her under her blanket just so..or if Blanket isn’t present when she remembers it she panics. The zipper on her jacket, or buttons, have to be done the whole way up.

If she sees something one way once, it usually has to remain that way. Like where her stuffed animals are on her bed, or where her cup is placed on the table.

She’s so incredibly cute and fun though. We do so¬†well on dates when it’s just the two of us, like to the grocery store or wherever, as long as it’s not too long or really bad timing, like late at night. We carry on conversations and I get lots of huge smiles and silly faces. And hugs. Lots of hugs and slimy kisses.

She started calling my mom Boppy when she came to visit. Then when she left her other grandmother became Boppy. Then her aunt also became Boppy. And I asked her the name of her teacher at daycare and she too was Boppy. I’m not really sure what’s going on there. Oh and her younger cousin Lucas calls his mommy mama, but it sounds kinda drawn out like, “mawma.” I have recently been called mawma a handful of times by my little copycat. And Weesa. I blame Eric for that one.

It’s so crazy how different they seem already. Avery seems sooo much more reserved than I remember Aria being at this age. I know I shouldn’t compare, but I worry about Avery. She is smiling occasionally, but she started later and doesn’t do it nearly as much as Aria did by this age. Of course, I can’t really blame her if she’s a more solemn baby, I know I’m more solemn around her. She’s seen me cry more in her two months than Aria has in her entire life. I’ve been trying to baby talk and coo and smile at her and play with her, and read books to her, but she mostly seems interested in just eating and sleeping still. She does light up when placed on the floor on her jungle mat and can look around at all of the colors, and she likes to sit up and watch, but she doesn’t really make her own contributions much yet.

I did get some adorableness the other night. I was working on going to bed, but after feeding her she wanted to chat, and was smiling and cooing away, and saying “o” in the most adorable way, so I had to stay up and talk and smile back, and take pictures and video.. so we went to bed rather late.

I just love my girls so much. I can’t wait to see how Avery blossoms, but I also don’t want to wish away the snuggle monster yet. I can deal with the stress of not having a clue what’s wrong with her when she cries in exchange for getting more tiny cuddles.

And I wish that on my friends and family who are waiting patiently for their first or second baby.. five of them I’m praying for right now. I hope they get this joy soon.