I’m upstairs feeding the baby and trying to put her to bed. I hear Aria come upstairs and look through the books on the shelf outside her door. She apparently makes a selection and starts back downstairs.
I hear Eric say to her, “that’s a lot of books you’ve got there, Aria!”
She replies, “daddy read dis!”
Before I hear his response she starts demanding, “basebawl!”
Eric replies, “this is football, baseball season is over…”
“No footbawl. Basebawl. Yeah, basebawl. Aria basebawl.”
I guess at this point she’s made it over to him with her hoard of books and I hear him reading to her.

At some point she decided they should both read, and that she didn’t want to sit in his lap anymore, but that didn’t mean he should stop reading, so I heard two stories going at once, one intelligible, the other not so much.

Eric took Aria over to the playground in the mall while I took Avery for pictures. He was hovering around her while she climbed on things meant for bigger kids, and she got sick of it and walked over to the bench and patted it.
“Daddy sit!”
Daddy said he wasn’t going to as long as she was climbing.
“Daddy sit! Sit down !”

Every night at dinner, at some point Aria grabs a fistful of whatever she’s eating and tells one or the other of us, “eat dis!”

When we go outside to play Aria demands that I do what she says.
“Mommy run!”
So we run around the yard.
“Mommy sit here!”
So we sit on the neighbor’s steps.
“Mommy jump!”
So we jump down the sidewalk.
I’m sure the neighbors are amused.

Some nights when I’m reading to her she decides to take over. My favorite was when we were reading Horton Hears a Who. When the Whos speak the words are very tiny, so I read those parts very softly. Aria told me “Aria read!” and turned the page, so she had fresh new material, and said some jibberish that maybe meant something, then turned the page and mumbled some stuff very quietly.
We took turns reading after that, and had to preface each page with, “mommy’s turn,” “Aria’s turn,” etc.

If something needs to be thrown away, instead of jumping at the chance to go do it herself as she used to do, she now tells one of us to throw it away.
“Mommy change diaper. Mommy throw away. Dirty diaper. Mommy throw away!”
The best was when Eric’s mom was visiting and Eric gave something to Aria with his ususl, “Aria, garbage. Go throw this away.”
“Without any hesitation Aria turned to her grandmother and said, “here. Throw away,” then turned back to what she was doing.