“Wain wain, doe away, wain wain .. (mumble mumble)..wain doe potty…
Aria doe potty!”

Well I guess the next best thing to potty training is a child who changes her own diaper. Maybe it’s better, actually, because you still get the luxury of not using public restrooms.
She frequently will come into the living room with a new diaper and announce, “Aria change diaper” then proceed to throw herself onto the floor and pull her pull-up down, then sometimes will go grab wipes, sometimes not, and then pull on her new diaper. If you remind her, she’ll even put pants back on afterwards as well.

Although, it’s not so pleasant when she decides the powder room floor is the best place to lie down and change her diaper. Also not so pleasant is when she decides to squat on the toilet, shoes still on, trying to figure out how we manage to sit on the potty without stripping our lower half, and crying because she’s frustrated she can’t manage to figure it all out.

Also not so pleasant is when you’re trapped in the bathroom with your pants around your ankles desperately wishing for a little bit of privacy and she’s standing there clinging to your leg, with her own pants and diaper around her ankles, clutching a fistful of toilet paper, sobbing inconsolably because she either wants to wipe you or you to wipe her or who knows what she’s actually saying and she doesn’t even know what she wants but it’s obvious she needs a nap and this really isn’t the best place to be trapped and it’s just so gross and why do we have to have a meltdown in the bathroom of all places.