Last night for our bedtime routine I brought Avery into Aria’s room. I was worried the first time that Aria would get jealous, especially if I had Avery in my lap where Aria usually perches, but each time she’s generally been ok with it. This time I started off with Avery on the bean bag, and Aria announced that’s where she wanted to sit, so Avery ended up in my lap, and then Aria read stories to us. Her favorite story is still Piggies.

(When we moved to the bed she did get upset that Avery was in my lap, but I asked her to turn off the light, which she thoroughly enjoys, and offered to hold the book of lullabies so that she could see the pictures, and that was enough distraction to get her to lie down and not be upset with Avery anymore.)

Avery waiting patiently for Aria to finish brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed

Avery patiently tolerating Aria taking an interest in her

Aria reading stories to Avery and me