Well the whole Christmas season excitement has finally gotten to Aria. What with candy every day, and way more junk food than we would ever normally allow, and just all the fun the season brings, I can’t really blame her for being all riled up.

Which is why last night, although surprising at the time, in hindsight is not so surprising. Yes last night Aria scaled her baby gate, then the baby gate across our door, and into bed with us. With her Blanket. I said something about putting her back in her own bed and Eric surpringly said to let her be.

At first I thought it was the cutest thing ever and snuggled her in bed next to me, and cuddled her and let her share my pillow, and nuzzled her and thought to myself how sweet this was. That lasted for all of a minute, until I realized how uncomfortable I was, and how much I really wanted to go back to sleep and how squirmy she is.

Not to mention all of the commotion woke everyone, including the baby, so I had to keep rocking the bassinet with my foot to try to lure her back to sleep.

When Aria had tried the whole “lying still” thing and tired of it, she would stand up to see Avery, or would press herself up to her daddy to see if he was sleeping and what his face looked like.

I tried whispering to her that we needed to whisper so we didn’t wake Avery back up, so she at one point put her face in mine, one hand on either side of my head and whisper gibbered at me very seriously.

I snuggled her back in bed next to me, held her close, and pet her hair to soothe her. So in return she put her fingers in my hair and tangled them up and made a mess. I had left my glasses on so I could check on Avery and so that I wasn’t blind when needing to figure out what Aria was doing, but she made me take them off. And tucked me in just so.

After a very long squirmy hour (or however long it was) I asked her if she was ready to go back to bed and she very firmly rooted herself in bed, asked her daddy to cover her with Blanket, and I guess eventually fell asleep. That was all from 5 to some much later time. Eric said when he got up she was snuggled next to him but migrated over to me until he woke me up because I kept snoozing my alarm.

She woke too and jumped up and ran around the bed and followed him to the bathroom to brush her teeth alongside him. This from the child I usually dress, including diaper change, while she is so knocked out she’s often still snoring.

It was a bit of a battle to get her dressed and convince her she wanted to go to “school” (daycare), but finally the idea of seeing her friends won out.

Oh, and the stinker usually clings to my legs when I drop her off, but this time she went and stood next to her friend, and when I said bye she just waved.

Eric, despite being super tired, talked to me the whole way to work, swapping stories about Aria’s antics last night and how cute and ridiculous she is, amidst many yawns.